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I have always wanted to be a writer but could not, even though I have got series of great stories, articles, and messages to pass on to my audience. This has forced me to come up with this short piece to enlighten those that are also struggling to write as well. In order to write a story that is worthy of reading, you must first understand some certain terms about becoming a good writer that can draw attentions of audience. Some people have been asking, how can I attract audience to my article or stories? But the truth is, I for once has struggled over this and then it all boils down to some simple processes which I discovered

The steps and the first thing to do to becoming a good writer is:

  • Building your audience. But how? Is the question that many have asked over the years? Before starting , you should
  • Describe yourself in adjectives like “am I snarky, fun, jovial, or even flirty?” You must know the way you interact freely to people around you. Ask questions such as “how did I do” after every discussion or presentation.
  • Describe your readers and what do they like. Your readers may be interested in something else and you may be writing about another. You have to study them and know the problem they are facing so you can find solution to such problem.
  • Ask how your voice is or sound when you talk. That way you can know how you communicate with your audience. Are you a funny type? Then, why not write as you sound. That is, been who you are.
  • Free-write an article and compare. Take some few minutes to test your prowess of writing. Then read and make sure you are satisfied with what you have written down because that is how your audience will view your article in order to be glued to it.
  • Afraid, nervous, worried, good? Which do you feel after publishing your article? It is normal to feel that way at first at least that is the road path to becoming a good writer. You must feel yourself and don’t worry about whether the world will accept it or not besides great writers started from somewhere
  • Persuade people with your words. Use words that are attention driven. Those that easily make one to be glued with what you are talking about.
  • Use communication tool ( the web) to drive your purpose
  • Copywriting, an act of making or inspiring people to take action or react to what you have written. When you write, always ask your fans how they feel about a particular incidence you are writing. It should be about them though and make them comfortable to ask questions by the use of words.
  • Good headlines can bring the needed attentions to your audience. You know before your audience can take a look of what you are presenting to them there’s is need for the attraction
  • Platform personalities can determine the style or possible approach you will use in arriving at your goal of becoming a good writer. Am going to be explaining some of the platform personalities that you can choose from and also best suit your style of communication



Styles which different writers have use and have worked for them over the years include what am going to be sharing to us below.

  1. The journalist. Hmmm, this sound familiar to the press but it has to do with asking questions and publishing answers pertaining to the questions given by people. Many have used this style to grow a large audience over the years. Another style is the
  2. Prophet. They say the truth no matter how ugly it may seem. If you are writing and you intend to use this style or method, you must be ready to be criticized because you say things as it is like nasty, dirty, ugly truth about event or something
  3. The artist. They are creative or meant to be. Make things look beautiful to the sight and the mind. That is, your write-up must present to your audience in a creative manner and to capture the heart of your audience through artistry
  4. The professor method uses facts and information. Writers using this styles tend to do a wide research and come up with a write-up that conform to what the people need through your research.
  5. The star is just the natural guy that is lovely to be with. Attraction seems the way. He has this charismatic charm and is a likeable person. This kind of writers easily attract fans close through this nature but first they know the kind of audience they can attract. You can write just for fun or just interact to your audience the way you see life and easy it goes.



  • Solve problems
  • Answer questions
  • Help people
  • Write to help or give and not get mentality( not how many readers I can get)
  • Remember what goes around comes around


I believe with all this processes put in place, and constant practice, you can be that dream writer you had always aspired to be. Please if this article has brought insight to you on how to become a good writer, you can share as well to help those that are still struggling to become one.

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